Peter Pan

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Anonymous asked: what drugs have you done


nice try mom




Make sure you ALWAYS greet african parents

yooooooooo caribbean parents too, especially if you in they house 

First of, why would I be friends with someone who won’t greet my parents , like?

His faces LMFAO

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Anonymous asked: Why do u hav so many followers?



It’s simple really, I spend each night traveling to a new part of the world, breaking into houses through the chimney like a deranged santa. I then go into the room of the sleeping occupant and hold a bedazzled knife to their throat. They jolt awake in a startle and then I say ‘HOWDY STRANGER IF YOU DONT FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR.COM YOURE GOING TO DIE HEHEHE’. Then they fearfully get on their computer and I watch to make sure they click the follow button before I take my leave into the shadowy night to continue my journey of instilling terror into the hearts of the vulnerable. 

Haha best responnse.